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Others have put the method to similar use.

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Kevin Kelly, the founding executive editor of Wired magazine, for instance, recorded one second each day during his two-month vacation in Asia in order to create the second video above. It made me miserable. We always want to take our cameras out and record awesome moments. Even if the day is gloomy for reasons less severe than the life-threatening sickness of a loved one, having a documentation of it can provide some perspective in the long run.

Before taking off on a day road trip, Kuriyama spent the first weeks of his year off working on freelance projects. When many of the most representative moments of his days involved sitting in front of the computer, he noticed. You can say, oh, how much time am I spending at work? And you can see how many times you decided that work was the most meaningful moment of that day.

Not everyone approaches the one-second-a-day project the same way.

The three minute prayer that can change your life

The only secret is that you must do it consistently. In a matter of weeks, you will notice that you feel more alert in the morning, even before any caffeine. During stressful situations, you will notice you are more levelheaded. In general, you will enjoy these peaceful moments so much that you will begin to look for them more frequently throughout the day or make your meditation sessions a little longer each time. Your entire being will be grateful. And gratefulness is a frequency that leads to greatness.

One Minute Can Change A Life: Sixty Second Readings Of Hope And Encouragement

Positive self-talk is magic. Use mantras and prayers to increase positive energy around and inside of you. Remember, you are not alone and energies will work on your behalf if you let them. In conjunction, use affirmations to maintain those elevated frequencies. Say or write them, do what feels organic to you.

Whatever or whomever your god or goddess is, surrender to their glory. Participate in small acts of gratitude during those five minutes or anytime throughout the day.

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Being aware of the positive forces around us, acknowledging and thanking them is the perfect way to change how you view life, self and those around you. You do not have to go to a studio or gym to reap the benefits of yoga. Right in the comfort of your own home, you can do a quick five-minute set of yoga. Challenge your body and your mind.


Prana, or body heat, will help detoxify, leading to a cleaner mind and body—so go for yoga that really gets the body moving. You will feel the power of your body and mind in unison, and suddenly, you will realize the body holds the answers, the cures and remedies you seek. You will feel the energies pulsating at higher levels, like tingles or waves.

Yes, of course you do—breathing is not something we normally think about; it just happens. But we should think about it.

How ONE MINUTE can change your life!!!

We should be more present with our breath, we should listen to it, observe it, let it fill our entire bodies, realize the role it plays in our lives, and how it connects us to the world around us. Deep breathing decreases stress and increases our ability to face the world. Imagine the clean, cool air entering the body and all the negative, destructive attitudes and behaviors leaving. Four: Reach out to people who have been impacted by suicide in some way. Often when people have been sick e. Often we will help out with practical things, like bake them some food, to show care and concern.

But when people are struggling with suicidal thoughts or they have lost someone to suicide — people can often stay away for fear of saying the wrong thing. If you would normally bake a casserole, then bake a casserole.

See a Problem?

If you would usually send a card, then send a card. If you would usually make a phone call, then make a phone call. Showing people they are not alone and that you care can make all the difference. Five: Start a conversation in your workplace. We spend much of our time at work and the workplace can be a really important setting for addressing this issue.

Schedule a meeting to discuss it — that takes less than a minute.

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Six: If you have children — talk to them about suicide. Find out what they know and open up the conversation.

How 5 Minutes Can Change Everything

Seven: Learn about why words matter when we talk about suicide. Certain language that we use can alienate members of the community. Our words matter when communicating about suicide, so if you are someone who is talking about these issues on social media, or talking publicly about suicide prevention then check in with Mindframe on preferred language. Eight: Call out stigma and discrimination.